Terms of payment

Payment can be made by the credit card, by PayPal, and in the certain countries - by bank payment online.

If payment is made by the credit card, write-off of means will be carried out after checkout.

If for any reason, write-off of means is impossible, the procedure of sale will be cancelled, and sale will be considered cancelled automatically.

Also there can be write-off €1 of funds from the debit or credit card even prior to sale process to check whether the corresponding card is valid. Money will be returned on the current account automatically within several days.

We recommend you to specify your billing address so that this address corresponds with the data concerning the credit card.

Payment safety

To prevent a possibility of fraud at Internet payment, checkout on the website su www.Bags-Bags.com will be made under control of the relevant bank via its protected server. The relevant bank will bear responsibility for storage and automatic data processing for each order in the secure information environment, including financial data.

All financial data, including credit card number, validity date, etc., will be processed directly by the relevant banking institution which guarantees safety during online payment.

The company will not obtain credit card data information, therefore, will not be able to zip them or store in any way.

The right to withdraw from the transaction

The Bags-Bags online store seeks to guarantee our clients maximum pleasure both from the shopping process, and from the goods quality. If you, for any reason, are dissatisfied with your order execution or if, goods quality, to our great regret, does not correspond to your demand, you can return the acquired goods within 14 days from the moment of delivery. Only the buyer can use the right to withdraw from the transaction, this under no circumstances can be done by a presentee.

The reversion value assumes Bags-Bags Online store


After the Bags-Bags Online store receives a parcel with the returned goods and check, whether all return requirements were observed, the letter on acceptance of returns with the number of your order, the sum and day of alleged refund will be sent you by e-mail. At purchase payment by the credit or debit card refund terms will depend on the banking institution operating peculiarities, which issued the corresponding card.


This information notice describes, how the Bags-Bags company working in the Italian jurisdiction with the legal address,,,,,,,, will make processing of personal data of website"Bags-Bags.com" ("Website") users, according to the all-European standards in the personal data protection according to Art. 13 of the Privacy Policy Code acting in Italy (The legislative resolution 196/2003) and also with the laws acting in the user's country concerning protection of personal data ("The statutory act on Privacy policy").

a) Personal data holder

The Bags-Bags company will make processing of personal data of the Website registered users, acting at the same time as the independent personal data Holder for their later reference, when holding marketing actions and user profiling (see below provisions of the paragraph b), points iii) and iv). The services connected with implementation of internet sales on the website Bags-Bags will be provided by the Bags-Bags company In COOPERATION WITH the DIGITAL RIVER, FURLA COMPANY AUTHORIZED RETAILER COMPANY, which will be a holder of personal data upon online purchase of products together with the Bags-Bags company. In particular, (i) DIGITAL RIVER will trace all purchase stages on the Website, including registration stage on the Website and checkout stage; (ii) the Bags-Bags company will be responsible for shipping of goods, and also for return process and for after-sales buyer service. Therefore, the data concerning transfer of payment upon purchase on the Website, including the credit card data of the buyer will be processed only by the Digital River company. You can find data on privacy policy of the Digital River company here.

b) purposes and ways of processing

The Bags-Bags company will process your personal data collected during (browsing) viewing and use of the Website in the following purposes:

- for functional goals, if it is connected with execution of the law obligations, and also in furtherance of competent authorities orders;

- together with the Digital River company for ensuring functional service, directly connected or concerning the Website use instruments (for example, at registration on the Website), and also for execution of the contractual relations, for online purchase of goods and accessories, and also for the subsequent after-sales service;

- when conducting marketing activity by means of the advertizing campaigns, held by Bags-Bags or Bags-Bags Group companies, by e-mail, mail, telephone communication, SMS or on social networks or by means of the newsletter (for example, for informing clients on new types of production, and also on actions, events, competitions, exhibitions, the bonus and other similar organized operations), including with use of automatic systems of mailing. Such notices will concern products and services in the sphere of fashion, luxury goods and similar questions. If you wish to receive messages only by traditional means of communication (for example, by mail or by phone), it will be enough to specify: The E-MAIL ADDRESS is CONFIDENTIAL. Besides, the Bags-Bags company has the right to process personal data provided by you at the time of registration on the Website, data on your order, data concerning purchase (including about the place, time and date of purchase, data on goods shipment and payment data), data on your hobbies, profession, interests, and also data on history of your viewings(browsing) of the Website, to carry out market researches, to carry out statistical analysis and other researches necessary for improvement of our goods quality, and also to check the degree of company clients satisfaction;

- processing of the above-mentioned data will be made to analyze the consumer preferences on purchase channels of Bags-Bags (in online store and outlets), for example, taking into account purchased goods, viewed goods, outlets addresses, where purchases were made, in order mailing of commercial messages to the fullest corresponded to users interests.

Your data can be processed electronically or on paper, including outside the territory of the EU as the program works and considers interests of clients around the world.

Your data will be stored only during the period, necessary for goals achievement, when they were received, after this period data will be destroyed or removed.

Temporary Internet files Cookies

The website Bags-Bags uses temporary Internet files cookies. To learn about them more, study the section "Policy of Cookies Files Usage".

c) obligatory or facultative character of personal data transfer and a consequences of default in their providing

Personal data transfer for goals stipulated above in points b) (i) (for goals, stipulated by the current legislation) and (ii) (for performance of a contractual obligations) is obligatory. If you do not wish the Bags-Bags company process your personal data for this purpose, the COMPANY will execute this your wish. At the same time in the specified circumstances you will not be able to purchase goods online, and also will not be able to use additional services which Bags-Bags offers the registered users.

At the same time, personal data transfer for goals stipulated above in point b) (iii) (for marketing goals) and in point (iv) (for creation user profile), is not obligatory. Your refusal in personal data transfer for these goals wouldn't lead to any unpleasant consequences.

d) Persons and categories of persons, whom personal data can be transferred or who can retrieve them, acting as the responsible persons for data processing, or performers of the personal data processing; sphere of these data distribution; cross-border data transfer out of European Union borders

The data transferred by you will be processed by exclusively authorized employees or responsible persons for personal data processing of the Bags-Bags companies (and also other companies entering into this Group) and Digital River, only for operations that are the reason, why these data were collected (for example, for online orders execution). These data can be processed by the third parties operating in connection or conducting an auxiliary activity in relation to BAGS-BAGS company, which in this case will act as independent personal data holders or persons responsible for data processing ( hereinafter referred to as "Responsible persons"), authorized by the BAGS-BAGS company. These third party can be, for example, service providers of an electronic communication, banks, financial intermediaries, credit institutions, other financial institutions, administrators of the centralized computer systems (administrators of web platforms, administrators of hosting services, risks service centers, fraud management, etc.), the insurance companies, consultants and independent experts providing services on debt recovering and adjudication of disputes to the COMPANY, the companies providing packaging, shipping and orders delivery, or the companies providing post services and services in the field of trade informatization, the research organizations or the companies, NCO. The full and updated list of subjects who can act as Responsible persons is located at the registration address of the BAGS-BAGS company, it can be received by a request to the address INFO@

If you gave consent to your personal data processing for the goals stipulated in the previous points, entering of your personal data into the BAGS-BAGS database will automatically cause opening of these data for all persons having right of access to them, therefore, for all COMPANY staff members, providing sales of goods.

Anyway, your data will be protected by observance of the appropriate safety measures (among others, the Responsible persons, territorially located outside the EU, sign the standard agreement with the text, approved by the European Commission), these measures are continuously improved and executed in the safe and controlled environment with obligatory observance of standard requirements of the EU in personal data protection.

e) Related Party Rights

You have the right to address in writing to the BAGS-BAGS company, having sent the registered mail with the return receipt or the letter by e-mail INFO@ if you wish to exercise the rights concerning access, modification, removal or filing of exception, stipulated below (acting by The statutory act on Privacy policy), for:

- receiving data on a source of data origin, on the goals and ways of their processing, on the logical decisions in case of data processing with use of electronic tools; on personal data of the data holder or the persons responsible for data processing, on persons or categories of persons, to whom these data can be transferred or divulged;

- receiving data updates, corrections or addenda, for their removal, their transformation as anonymous or for data blocking, processed with violation of legislation requirements, including data that is not obligatory to store, for the goals these data were received for or will be processed later; for receiving notices that the information on the required operations was provided (also as regards their content) those persons to whom these data were transferred, except for cases, when it is not possible or cause application of measures that are superfluous in comparison with the protected rights;

- making legal objections against your personal data processing, if they can be used for their collecting, or for full or partial refusal (among others, if it is connected with use of special data transfer tools) of your personal data processing for further advertizing or commercial information mailing, or for their use at market researches or for commercial mailing, and also for user profile creation, and for sending the notice of desire to receive messages only by traditional means of communication, if it is possible.

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